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Susan Pirovano
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REIKI is a word meaning “REI” universe and “KI” energy. Reiki looks to use this Universal Energy for healing and wellness.

This energy is responsible for our wellness at a fundamental level. A decrease of this energy makes us susceptible to illness and disease. Much like being more likely to catch a cold when we feel “run down” (or have no energy) than when our “energy” levels are high.

Many different cultures have called this many different things; Parana, Chi, unified field, vital force, life energy and just energy.

Imagine a river that flows through your body, it brings nutrients, cleansing and vitality, this is your vital force. Imagine over time placing some rocks in the river bed. The more rocks that are placed in the bed the less freely the river is able to flow. By removing the rocks we are able to restore the flow of live energy to our systems and for some people this has wonderful results ….. this is Reiki!

I am Qualified in Reiki I and II.


Over the past 28 years I have been involved in Metaphysics and the journey of self exploration and evolvement. My journey has always been one of experiential growth. Whilst I have done many courses and workshops over the years it has been most apparent to me that my biggest learnings have come from the “University of Life” which has me well placed to assist others.

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